What I like about Romanians, what I don’t like about Romanians

de Ale Măriucă


A comment piece in reaction to the hate and love against Romania in the British press, published in Romanian on contributors.ro

If you believe The Daily Mail, all Romanians are benefit frauds, pickpockets and secret millionaires of a specific minority and Romania is a country of mud-huts, sick horses, starving dogs and gated palaces of gold-plated window-frames and weather-cocks, built on the theft from hardworking British families.

But if you believe the The Guardian, all Romanians are gorgeous students destined to be UN Secretary General or Apple CEO and their country is an unspoilt paradise of rolling hills, organic farmers and playful bears.

However the truth is Romanians are just people are like people everywhere. They are great and they suck.

At the risk of attracting contempt for being prejudiced and simplistic, here is what I like and don’t like about Romanians.


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